How to Unblock a Smart Card That Has Been Blocked?

Sometimes, your smart card will lock for no apparent reason. This can be frustrating and cause you to lose access to your DOD SAFE services. There are some simple steps you can take to fix the problem.

The first step in unblocking a smart card is to find out why it was blocked. The most common reason is entering a wrong PIN three times. The ActivClient program will display a dialog box with a challenge code. This code is given to the user by the help desk. The user then enters the unlock code, verifies it, and enters a new PIN. If the process is successful, a confirmation message is displayed.

Dod Smart Card Blocked

The Department of Defense Common Access Card (CAC) is a US Government smart card that allows military personnel and DoD contractors to gain secure access to systems. The smart card contains a microchip with a digital image of the cardholder, two digital fingerprints, and other identification information. The CAC also includes a security certificate that provides secure access to the data stored on the microchip.

The smart card is combined with a hardware token or reader to verify the identity of the user. The reader compares the information on the microchip with the information stored in a government database to grant or deny access. The card must remain in the reader until the end of the session, or it will be blocked from future use.

How to Unblock a CAC card 2

How to Unblock a CAC?

If your CAC has been blocked for some reason, there are a few ways to unblock it. First, ensure that you have a correctly installed and configured smart card reader. The reader should have a Red or Amber LED light when connected to the computer. Also, ensure that you have a Windows machine with Silo and the correct PIN for your CAC.

How to Unblock a Smart Card?

Depending on the type of smart card, there are several different ways to unblock it. If the card has been blocked due to incorrect PIN entries, the best option is to visit a government ID card office. These offices are part of RAPIDS and will verify the card owner’s fingerprint and reset the PIN. The other option is to provide a PUK code, which is eight digits and will be enclosed in the card.

If the card has been blocked due to the Admin Key being entered too many times, it can be unblocked through the cv act sc interface utility. This can be accessed by going to the Start menu and selecting All Programs > cv cryptovision > cv act sc interface utility. Once the utility is open, insert the card into the reader and enter the Admin key.

The PIN can also be unblocked through the ActivClient manager. This feature can be enabled through a configuration that is compatible with the Windows smart card unlock screen. The person should log on to a computer that has the ActivClient mini driver installed and select “Smart Card Unblock”. They must have their operator PIN and a policy-accepted PIN to complete this action.