DoD Safe Helpline Number

You can call the DoD Safe Helpline if you or a loved one is experiencing sexual harassment. The Hotline staff strives to help victims immediately by connecting them with the right resources. They offer crisis support and referrals and try to meet with a victim within two hours of the initial call.

The Hotline is secure, confidential, and anonymous and is open to anyone, including members of the DoD community. The line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week worldwide. Live, supportive staff, are available to help DoD members, survivors, families, and other stakeholders. The Hotline is operated by RAINN, a non-profit organization under strict confidentiality rules.

DoD Safe hotline

In addition to offering live, confidential support, the DoD Safe Helpline is available via text or a DSN. The staff is trained to listen to victims and offer support, resources, and advice. The telephone line has received more than 60,000 calls since its launch, and more than one million visitors have accessed the website.

The DoD Safe Helpline also has a mobile app available for free from app stores. You can use it from anywhere in the world – even without a connection to the Internet. It’s designed to reduce stress and help survivors deal with the aftermath of sexual assault. It has been endorsed by the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) President’s Award for innovation.

DoD safe helpline desk number

The DoD Safe Helpline is a crisis support line that provides 24-hour support for members of the DOD community who have experienced sexual assault. By calling this number, individuals who are victims of sexual assault are not required to provide their names and can remain anonymous. In addition to providing 24-hour support and 1-on-1 advice, the Helpline can also connect service members with local response coordinators.

DoD safe helpline contact number

The Department of Defense Safe Helpline is a confidential and anonymous hotline for sexual assault survivors. Its staff is trained to help individuals in need and is available around the clock. They can provide immediate crisis support and referrals to local services. The Helpline is also available to people from around the world.

The DOD Safe Helpline provides services for survivors of sexual assault in the DOD community. Its operations manager, Liz Blanc, describes the service as a victim-centered resource that works to continuously improve the services it provides. She also states that the service staff takes great care to provide quality assurance in every call.

The DoD Safe Helpline is a confidential, anonymous crisis support service available to anyone worldwide. Its staff provides live support to survivors, their families, and other DoD stakeholders. All communications are completely confidential and secure. Furthermore, the service is available around the clock, making it possible to reach someone anytime or at night.

DoD safe help desk app

The DoD Safe Helpline also has a mobile app that is free to download from app stores. The app is accessible from any location, even with no internet connection. Its app can help victims reduce stress and reconnect with those around them. Furthermore, the app was recently awarded an American Telemedicine Association President’s Award for Innovation.

DoD Safe Helpline is a confidential crisis support service for DoD community members who have been victims of sexual assault. The service is provided through a contract with RAINN and SAPRO. Its mission is to help victims and survivors of sexual assault get the assistance they need to heal. The service is confidential, secure, and available worldwide.