DoD SAFE and Dropbox

Previously, employees used physical media and email to transfer files. However, these methods lacked security measures and were inefficient. DOD SAFE offers many improvements over previous file-sharing solutions, including a larger file-transfer capacity and strict security measures. A CAC is required to access DOD Safe, and the process to obtain one can be lengthy. In addition, the system only works between two CAC holders.

CAC Card

The Common Access Card, or CAC, is the Department of Defense’s standard ID for military personnel and civilian employees. The card enables physical and logical access to DoD buildings and systems and provides security for sensitive information using public key infrastructure (PKI) security certificates. It also fulfills two-factor authentication requirements. The card stores 144K of data on an integrated circuit chip and is approximately the size of a credit card.

The card contains a ghost image of the cardholder, two digital fingerprints, organizational affiliation, service or agency, date of hire, and PKI certificate. It also includes the cardholder’s Geneva Convention category and DoD identification number, or EDIPI. The card is also equipped with contactless technology that enables faster, more accurate identity authentication. Moreover, it helps streamline weapon issuance and expedites TSA PreCheck screening. It is a great way for service members to save time and money. The EDIPI number stays with the cardholder, even when they change military branches.

Dropbox 2


Having access to a secure cloud storage service is an important part of any business, especially one that deals with sensitive information. Dropbox offers various tiers of service, including free versions that allow for 30 days of file recovery and paid tiers that offer up to 180 days. Additionally, files stored on Dropbox are secured using 256-bit AES encryption and a SSL/TLS secure tunnel. Dropbox also stores multiple versions of files, which is useful in the event of a ransomware attack. Finally, Dropbox’s customer support is fast and helpful. They often provide direct assistance with difficult issues. In addition, they have plenty of helpful guides and video content.

Safe Helpline

DoD’s sole sexual assault hotline, Safe Helpline, offers 24/7 anonymous, live, one-on-one crisis intervention, support, and resource referrals for those in the military community who have experienced sexual assault. It is operated by RAINN through a contract with the Department of Defense’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office (DoD SAPRO).

Safe Helpline staff members understand that every survivor’s journey is different, so they strive to meet each person where they are at in their healing process. They are trained to use a survivor-centered, survivor-led approach that respects each individual’s needs and concerns.

Another benefit of the service is that it’s free and available worldwide via phone, text, and online chat, whether you have access to Wi-Fi or not. You can even download a mobile app so that you can access the resources you need when you’re on the go. To learn more, visit the Safe Helpline website. In addition, you can participate in local group chat sessions that are moderated by a D-SAACP-certified SARC or SAPR VA.