Army Ignited: What Is It?

Army Ignited What Is It

Army Ignited is a service that helps soldiers find and access the educational opportunities they want. It is a free service for active duty, Army Reserve, and National Guard Soldiers. It allows them to request tuition assistance anywhere for online and in-person classes. It also helps them manage their education records, college courses, and on-duty … Read more

DoD SAFE and Dropbox

Previously, employees used physical media and email to transfer files. However, these methods lacked security measures and were inefficient. DOD SAFE offers many improvements over previous file-sharing solutions, including a larger file-transfer capacity and strict security measures. A CAC is required to access DOD Safe, and the process to obtain one can be lengthy. In … Read more

How to Unblock a Smart Card That Has Been Blocked?

Sometimes, your smart card will lock for no apparent reason. This can be frustrating and cause you to lose access to your DOD SAFE services. There are some simple steps you can take to fix the problem. The first step in unblocking a smart card is to find out why it was blocked. The most … Read more

Is Your CAC Account Locked Or Deactivated?

Is Your CAC Account Locked Or Deactivated

If your CAC account is locked or deactivated, you will need to report in person to the nearest ID Card Office. Bring your PIN and two valid forms of ID to prove you are the card owner. Promoted personnel, RAPIDS, DEERS updates, email/credentials updates, and promotion, CAC’s must be reported on the 1st of the … Read more

How to Safely Get Files From NIPR to SIPR?

How to Safely Get Files From NIPR to SIPR

The Navy DOTS system is an excellent option for securely transferring files from NIPR to SIPR. It is also air-gapped, which makes it very difficult to steal sensitive information. Moreover, it provides a streamlined application process and screen-sharing capabilities. NIPRNet deals with less sensitive unclassified information, while SIPRNet handles classified data up to the secret … Read more

Can You Use DoD SAFE If You Have a CAC?

Can You Use DoD SAFE If You Have a CAC

The Common Access Card (CAC) is the standard approved ID credential for Department of Defense employees and eligible third-party personnel. It provides multifactor authentication to access military computer networks and facilities. The DoD Safe website allows users to securely transfer files between computers. Files are stored on the server until the recipient clicks a link … Read more

What is Military Logistics?

What is Military Logistics

Military logistics is one of the most critical aspects of any war. It is responsible for moving massive amounts of supplies from place to place. It is also responsible for ensuring the right supplies are available at the right time. Good logistics can be the difference between life and death in the military. This is … Read more

DOD SAFE vs. Commercial File Sharing Services

DOD SAFE vs. Commercial File Sharing Services

DOD SAFE was launched in response to a directive from the DoD CIO. It offers a secure way for DoD employees to transfer files that are too large for email. It also encrypts files to protect against security threats. In addition to improving security, DOD SAFE addresses several usability issues that the previous system had. … Read more

Military Tax Benefits

Active duty service members are allowed a number of special tax considerations. For example, living allowances that are intended to cover family educational expenses and emergencies, as well as reenlistment bonuses earned while serving in combat zones, may be nontaxable. Likewise, the EITC helps offset low-income families’ Social Security and Medicare contributions. Service members may … Read more

Can a VA Rating Be Reduced During an Appeal Process?

Can a VA Rating Be Reduced During an Appeal Process

Veterans who receive a permanent rating are rarely reduced. Exceptions may occur when your award letter explicitly says it’s permanent or when new evidence prompts an unexpected re-assessment. You can request a higher-level review or file a Notice of Disagreement with the Board of Veterans Appeals during appeals. Both options are part of the Appeals … Read more